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Fatimah Jinnah remembered 

9th July 1967 the day when MADR_E_MLAT Fatima Jinnah the essential Character of the Independence Movement and Crusader of Democracy in Pakistan left this World. Like Her Brother She believed that One day Muslims will achieve their destiny and it was her determination and untiring efforts that eventually culminated into Pakistan. After completing her education she decided to tread the same path which her brother had opted and she remained the most closest ally and a boon companion of her brother till the last breath of his life. She was a symbol of Hard Work and self determination for the suppressed and Oppressed women of the subcontinent who were groaning under the curse of illiteracy and musty social norms. After the independence she founded Pakistan Women Association for catering the issues being confronted by migrant women. Fatmah Jinnah always contended on implementation of women rights in Pakistan as enshrined in the Charter of UNO. After the independence she had parted her ways from the practical politics of Pakistan but relaunched herself in the Presidential elections of 1965 when the nation  was bearing the brunt of Dictatorship. A strong campaign was set into Motion by the Mother of the Nation Against the dictator of the time but unfortunately she lost that sceptical presidential election. She is a Paragon for our nation and today’s women should learn From her contributions for this Country

Kamran Khamiso Khowaja



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