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Inadequate facilities 

It is upsetting to see while many countries day by day progressing and flourishing in areas of science technology, education, health and law enforcement however still our country lacks the enthusiasm to even perform the basic state services and give people their basic deserving rights.

As Government Post Office(GPO) Larkana is still derailing behind since many years. As it has shown no any progress in facilitating citizens for state services.

Considering Larkana is small city, but still state is responsible to give adequate and equal rights and services to all citizens.

GPO Lahore is limelight for citizens of Larkana as these bigger cities enjoy benefit of better human rights. But Larkana GPO’s building is yet old which needs to be renovated and made afresh again so there is regeneration of faith in state’s plans.

Further as I went there recently there was no proper sitting area for males and females distinctly among environment being unclean, floors detestable and water facilities being detrimental.

Now we come to crux of the matter it took me around 1 hour for clearance of utility bills on crowded day. Staff delayed work deliberately with laziness and engaging in unproductive conversations and did not response genially to any citizens.

Also, there was no follow-ups of SOPs as people entered building without face masks and there was no 1m distancing from each other which illustrated lack of seriousness in Covid-19 crises.

It is devastating to face this everytime you go there as citizens expect better treatment for their payment of bills on time. I appeal to responsible authorities to take appropriate actions and regenerate our faith in state soon.

Abdul Wahab Memon