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The white man’s knee on the black man’s neck

  • Trump fights the other Americans

The American elections are still months off. The election campaign has started albeit in low key. Democrat presumptive candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump were initially viewed negatively by a majority of voters. Over the last few weeks however Mr Biden has managed to get ahead of the President in ratings.

With the breakout of the coronavirus the situation started deteriorating for President Trump. Despite claims that the virus would soon be brought under control, US now has the largest number of positive cases and deaths in the world. The way the Trump administration has treated the “Black Lives Matter” agitation has further lowered its poll numbers.

Within weeks of the tragic killing of George Floyd protestors took to demolishing symbols of slave persecution and white supremacy, beginning with Christopher Columbus who ravaged the habitations of unsuspecting and hospitable natives and took many of them as slaves back to Italy. Among the US Founding Fathers, George Washington owned slaves. The generals fighting in the Civil War on behalf of the Southern states wanted to perpetuate slavery. While some might have preferred these statues to be preserved in a museum, acts of the sort have been committed all over former colonies including India and Pakistan.

Trump threatened that those who defaced statues could be sentenced to 10 years in jail. He described the black, the coloured and the liberal white supporters of the Black Lives Matter as leftists, Marxists, extremists and anarchists thus aligning himself openly with the rednecks and white supremacists.

Biden has respect for another group of US heroes like those who are fighting coronavirus on the forefront like doctors and nurses, irrespective of their race or colour. In his speech on race, Joe Biden reflected on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the great Civil Rights leader’s vision for America. He earlier visited George Floyd’s family to tell, “When we get justice for George Floyd we will truly be on our way to racial justice in America”. Biden is trying to position himself as someone with the experience and empathy to lead the country out of a crisis. It is premature to predict if Biden will win. More so if he would act upon his promises.