New rules and regulations implemented for PLRA employees  | Pakistan Today

New rules and regulations implemented for PLRA employees 

LAHORE: The board of Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) on Monday approved and initiated the implementation of the long waited service rules and regulations for its employees, Pakistan Today learnt.

The authority’s spokesperson informed this scribe that the new regulations have clarified the procedure for appointment, powers, and posting of employees in addition to solidifying new rules of recruitment for contractual employees as well as procedures for medical facilities, regularisation and facilities like pension.

The spokesperson said that employees are also bound to disclose their assets annually

He said that the implementation of the new regulations would have a positive impact on the delivery of public service, reduce staff issues and improve the authority’s performance.

It should be noted here that several director generals (DGs) had held power after the establishment of PLRA in 2017; however, the service rules and regulations had never been formulated while no one paid serious attention to this issue either.

In the past, contractual employees had often taken to protests for the increment in salaries and formulation of a service structure.

An official of the authority while speaking to this scribe on condition of anonymity said that the formulation of rules and regulations would only bear fruit if the higher-ups ensure its full implementation.

The official said that the condition of disclosing annual assets was a very good step on the surface, but one that would be difficult to implement as most of the staff dealing with land records was corrupt and had numerous ways to hide their corruption.

The official suggested that the higher-ups should secretly monitor employees and their life out of work so that the system can be cleansed.