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Eid ahead 

Eid-ul-adha; an event of fun and joy, mostly famous for its ritual of buying sacrificial animal has now become a challenge for the government. Well the most important part of this event is considered to be, setting up the animal markets in big cities all around the country, which has started.  During this crucial time in Pakistan, SOPs implementation is going to be a tough task for the government to tackle. Most of the animal traders who put their hard work and time in petting their animals; come to these markets from different areas of country. On the other side gathering of all these traders and buyers is too risky. If the SOPs left unimplemented, the chances of pandemic to rise again will increase. Maintaining discipline, social distancing and the number of people allowed in markets will play an important role in getting through it. The situation should not be dealt with  carelessness, otherwise the number of new cases per day  which are decreasing now can fluctuate back to its previous levels and it can be terrifying turning point for whole nation.

Mian Aizaz Ahmed