16,000 tonnes of sugar recovered from Punjab mills | Pakistan Today

16,000 tonnes of sugar recovered from Punjab mills

LAHORE: The Tiger Force recovered 16,000 tonnes of hoarded sugar from different mills in Punjab on Monday.

The sugar has been valued at Rs1.1 billion.

The force even conducted an operation against flour hoarders and recovered 716 tonnes of it from mill owners along with rice bags and other commodities.

The operation was conducted on a tip-off.

PM Imran Khan has said that hoarders won’t be forgiven at any cost. He has ordered institutions to sell flour and sugar at nominal rates either by taking action against hoarders or giving subsidy to people.

On April 23, the Punjab government implemented a law against hoarding, The Punjab Prevention of Hoarding Ordinance 2020, and launched a crackdown against hoarders.

Those found guilty may be sent to prison for a maximum of three years.