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Symbolic act

It has been practice of court when a judge awarded a death penalty to someone he is used to break nib of pen to express his/her compulsions, numerous people do not know about this practice it is a symbolic act to break nib of pen so that pen will not be used in future because it takes a life of someone even though he was convicted but taking someone’s life is very unsought. Death sentence is the last final penalty in extremely antisocial acts, a judge can give while finalizing the case and in doing so he breaks a nib of pen and makes his/her self away from that pen. The judges have no authority to review/revoke judgment once it is decided it is done therefore broke the nib of pen so he may not think of second thought in his mind, we use a legal term for that which is ‘Res Judicata’ means a matter that has been adjudicated by a competent authority may not be pursued further, we can speculate any thoughts about it, on a lighter note someone my colleague said judges conferred death sentence to a person then break nib of pen to give it death too. The death sentence is sad but sometimes necessary things and breaking the pen is used to carry it out, expresses that sorrow.

Sarfraz Ali Soomro

Tharu Shah