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PUBG veterans demand plots in DHA after forced retirement

The association of officers from the Corps of PUBG has demanded plots in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and other accruing emoluments after their services were terminated abruptly by the government.

“This is a clear injustice,” said association president Lt Colonel Zeeshan “Shani” Butt. “None of us had signed up for a Short Service Commission. And even if we had, this is too abrupt.”

“We had worked hard to be inducted in an operational, fighting arm,” said a Captain who only went by ‘Piku.’ “We expect the same compensation as the rest.”

“Fighting for our homeland is something that requires blood, sweat and bandwidth,” said Lt Col Butt. “Were we found wanting in our quests? No! We had as many chicken dinners as the vegetarians across the border. In per capita terms, of course.”

According to sources within quarters more powerful than the defence ministry, the demands of the PUBG veterans are going to be met. Not only will they get their plots and other emoluments but they will also be adjusted in various government departments. To this end, Ms Tania Aidrus, in charge of the Digital Pakistan initiative, has already been relieved of her position to make way for Brigadier Shaka111.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.