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Illegal annexation 

Middle east peace plan process initiated by US president Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Netanyahu has been exposed for what it is a colonisation operation. Despite backlash of international law, Netanyahu takes bold step to go forward for annexation amid US support to Israel. Regardless of annexation, Netanyahu must know that Israel is neither demacratic, jewish nor a normal state but it is a colonial occupation, garrision state and domination of palestine.

Historically, in 1947, UNO allocated plan that Galilee to a future state of palestine. However, unenforcable plan rejected by palestinians and war breakout that caused Israel occupied Galilee and imposed military rules for two decades. After Israel-Arab war in 1967, Israel adopted same strategy to build jewish settlements in the west bank, syrian golan heights and east jerusalem. Similarly, after five decades, Israel has now decided to annex further territory for jewish settlements to complete control over palestine. However, world has condemned this move and said that   it would be disastrous for palestinians.

In reality, this move was basically parcel of Trump’s deal of century. US made peace plan with support of Arab countries, EU and Israel to compensate with palestine. This plan was made to put pressure on palestine to accept the plan or face consequences. However, plan was rejected by palestinian authority that facilitate Israel illigimitate goals to control over palestine. Moreover, palestinian authority already warned that further annexation would be declaration of war. Therefore, world community must break the ice and speak up for dispossessed palestinians in order to maintain peace and prosperity in the region.

Bilawal Ali Lakho