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PIA’s woes

A wave of mixed emotions and reactions phased across the entire nation when suspension news of PIA operation in Europe made headlines. There was a time when PIA used to be an elite class of airline, famous because of its reliability and service. It is very disappointing to witness its downfall like this but alot. of questions wonder in mind while observing this catastrophe. Was it really departmental fault? Or another Government failure? In the light of observations, the entropy that has taken place in PIA is not less than a self-destruction mode which is totally created by powerful mafias of our country. More or less it is considered as  an alarming situation for government because the chain of disorder impelled in PIA will not just stop there. This  will continue to dig each and every working  department of Pakistan until treated with great attention and powerful law and order.

Mian Aizaz Ahmed 



  1. Boy said:

    Only way to be successful airline is to completely privatised this airline remove all political party influence from this industry

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