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Humayun Saeed to play all three generations of Jonas in Pakistani remake of Dark

DARKISTAN – Veteran budding actor Humayun Saeed has been roped in to play the lead role in the Pakistani remake of the Netflix thriller Dark.

The third and final season of the German sci-fi thriller aired over the weekend, with the global feedback pushing the Pakistani entertainment industry to start working on a remake tentatively entitled Andhera.

According to sources within the production team of Andhera, Humayun Saeed will play all three generations of the lead character Jonas Kahnwald. The renowned Pakistani actor will also be seen playing the numerous multiverse versions of Jonas.

Meanwhile, reports confirm that producers are still looking for potential actors to play Martha Nielsen.

“Of course, we’ll have three different generations of female actors to play the three generations of Martha. And of course, even the oldest female actor to play the oldest Martha would be young, and will have her age implied through half-hearted hair whitening,” revealed a member of the show’s production team.

Meanwhile, critics of the entertainment industry say that the sheer number of characters in Dark means that we might see some new faces.

“Even if each male actor is asked to play all the generations, we will still thankfully run out of the same faces we show in every single drama and film,” said a renowned film critic, wishing anonymity.

“In which case, we might finally see some actors who can act.”

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