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K-Electric’s games

 K-Electrics is a company based in karachi, sindh. Which provides Electricity to consumers. Nowadays this company has been playing with citizens’ feelings and money. This company is provided whatever their need is, like oil and gas. Also citizens of Karachi pay taxes on time and also they are paid for supplying power on time. Load shedding of K-Electrics has reached approximately to 15 hours in various regions of Karachi which has distributed families, shopkeepers and other businesses. Citizens are cursing them, instead of generating electricity, ECC has approved to increase prices up to 2.89 rupees. Citizens and businessmen are terrifyingly passing through mental stress.

Electricity is the basic need of the nation and in this modern world, there should be no problem for the public to face this trouble and by examining situations it seems like we live in a country which is still in 1800s during 2020.

K-Electrics must see through to the necessitation of citizens and solve their issues.

Public is raising their voices to make them realise how middle class person’s work is dependent on electricity especially in the city named city of lights.

Suhail Saeed Tunio