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Punishment and discipline 

Discipline is the practice of training  to obey rules or using punishments to correct disobedience.

It is the teaching of the boundaries.

The teaching of what is right and what is wrong.

Discipline can be both “positive and negative”

For example the positive discipline is admiring children for doing something “Good”, or stopping them for doing wrong by counseling.

Negatives can be like smacking and threatening them for doing something inappropriate.

Some Parents and most of the Teachers in school believe that they do well by punishing them or “safe smacking”,

Whereas the actual discipline is helping them to understand why certain behaviour is unacceptable.

Sometimes after getting smacked children (students) get impinge  and start to think that it is alright to beat others.

Punishment is not  the way to motivate them in order to behave more properly.

Yes! Sometimes somewhere it is right to punish but many times the best way is to understand what was the reason behind the aggressive reaction, behaving in an inappropriate way or doing an offence .

After this if they are wrong, the better way is admonishing them to make them stop from doing something unacceptable! Not using corporal punishments.

Arifa Saeed