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PUBG hacks

So finally PTA took a wise decision by Banning  Pubg. As soon as this announcement was made, it went vigorously viral on social media. Dividing social platforms into a battellfield of two groups. One side was happy about this decision and other was mourning over it.

Until the gamers came up with a solution to this problem. Exactly after 3 hours of this announcement, an alternative was found by the users to fill their need for this game. A software called VPN was used to manipulate the location of users from one country to another country allowing them to play as much as they want. So the question is, was it really wise to ban because now the chances of increment in the addiction of the playing has elevated than ever before. The addiction level that this game has created will not just go away just by banning it, the government and PTA has to come with a better plan to influence the youth to overcome their addiction for it.

Mian Aizaz Ahmed