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Opening parks 

Imran khan has decided to open at least 15 national parks in pakistan. Its a sensible commitment during his unfavourable government. Nation has been fooled with uncompleted promises and hopes for this to be done.

“Imran Khan narrated that the population has increased and is trying to reach every corner of Pakistan, I fear if we would not preserve it in the form of parks, our generation will not be able to witness the beauty of pakistan, which I did in my childhood.”

Nevertheless it is a huge achievement for Pakistan if it’s done. Global warming, high temperatures, lack of pure drinking water are the main reasons behind it. Since the government has been making irrelevant orders, it is a perfect time to serve the public.

Parks are not only to enjoy and relax but they are the source for a delightful environment, configuration of charm and to beautify the generosity of pakistan. Keeping the national parks is not an easy task, the government should make strict rules for the nation, so as they could not fly it out of the window.

Furthermore, it’s also our duty to keep the country the way it is, because somehow the government as well as the nation is kept responsible for building and breaking of a country, in the same way we must be very kind to tourism places and upcoming national parks.

Suhail Saeed Tunio