Fascist India killing innocent civilians in held Kashmir: Alvi | Pakistan Today

Fascist India killing innocent civilians in held Kashmir: Alvi

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi on Thursday urged the world community to hear the lament of the three-year-old boy sitting over the dead body of his grandfather who was killed by Indian forces in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He was referring to the merciless killing of an elderly Kashmiri, Bashir Ahmed Khan, by Indian forces in Sopore district during a gun battle with freedom fighters.

“Modi’s fascist India kills innocent civilians even for raising slogans for liberation of Kashmir. The lament of this 3 yr old boy sitting on the chest of his killed grandfather must be heard by the world,” the president tweeted.

The president also shared a video clip of Khan’s daughter crying and narrating how her father was pulled out of the vehicle only for raising pro-freedom slogans.

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  1. Sunbig said:

    So says the president of a fascist islamic country ..terroristan. a country which By Law discriminates against non-muslims and is against secularism talks about fascism. The most fascist and bigoted country of Pakistan.

    • Kamran Hyder said:

      What does the picture tell you. Are you human enough to perceive?

      • Sunbig said:

        Exactly ..look at the picture. The grandfather was killed by terrorists and indian soldiers took care of the kid and gave him to his parents. And when we are at this, don’t you have any shame. BY LAW , non muslims are discriminated againat in Pakistan . Did you protest ? Minorities cannot even build their own places of worship in Pakistan …just look at how temple construction is stopped in pakistan. Also 1000s if not 100s of thousands are missing in Pakistan abducted by the state..specifically pashtuns and balochistanis and now even sindhis…did you protest ? Nope….India is vastly superior to Pakistan on every count….don’t even compare.


    Your comment…This is the new India of Pee drinking PM mODI and their masses where minorities are targeted by now and [email protected] way they behave Muslims is Unprecedented and unparalled,,,we as a Muslim want peace,,but if Such Happening going on then we might take the ground with Our hero Army of kargil and [email protected]

    • Sunbig said:

      @Junaid…look how bigoted you are…all bigoted Pakis. Indian muslims are indians first. India has 200+ million muslims ….how many non-Muslims does pakiland-terroristan have? A radicalized bigotedbrainless population is what Pakistan has. Terrorists!!!!

    • Praful said:

      Peace you? By killing minority’s in your country. Killing millions in Africa , Yemen iraq and Syria by name of religion. Looking around and one party in conflict is people from your religion.

      • Ex-Muslim said:

        Look what happened in peaceful libera New Zealand when 51 Muslims were killers. These Muslims fan out everywhere in the world and meet hatred after a while of living there, yet they can only blame others for the negativity they encounter. Their own behaviours cause people to hate them. They are persecuted everywhere, from Palestine, to Burma and from China to New Zealand.

        • Kamran Hyder said:

          Had you had any empathy, you would not have been an ‘ex-Muslim’ and ignored what the picture told. Maybe, you can’t feel for humanity. If seeing is not believing, what else bias is?

          • Sunbig said:

            @Kamran Haider….you can see Anything you want. The fact that he is an ex-muslim is his choice which bigots like you don’t understand. How is that relevant? Facts are important …don’t you have any empathy for the tiny minority in Pakistan who cannot even build their own places of worship? Or for Baloch, Pashtuns and Sindhis…1000s if not 100s of thousands who have been abducted by the Pakistani state. Or for the ahmediyas who are persecuted all the time. Don’t be a hypocrite…india has problems but is vastly superior to Pakistan which is a bigoted, fascist radicalized and terrorist infested place.

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