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Over the past few days, I have come across to learn a new word, kakistocracy which means government by least suitable or incompetent citizens. It can be said that it’s an accurate elaboration of the current government. Since the very day, PTI has possessed treasury benches is in limelight due to the irrelevant statements and slanderous speeches made by cabinet ministers that have caused more gap in opposition and government than anything else. Recently, science & technology minister Fawad Chaudhary spilled the beans about party’s internal affairs on which PM has shown displeasure, on the other hand, climate change minister Zartaj Gul Wazir breaking the internet as she purported that covid19 means Coronavirus has 19 points applied in any country based on its respective immunity levels, further PM Khan called Osama Bin Laden martyr in national assembly which has taken him to new heights of criticism internationally. Whereas PM IK has set a new infamous trend of giving preference to nonelected professionals over elected parliamentarians and, the number of special assistants had been varying between three to thirteen in past but, Imran Khan has appointed fifteen special assistants which are highest in the history of Pakistan and that is against the parliamentary ethos, while the pandemic stares us in the face the government continues to exaggerate confusions with its flip-flops, and our PM has puzzled nation with smart lockdown mantra that caused lack of communication between state and people, as a result, economy is in shambles, the government has failed to protect people from coronavirus, statics show government is failing to control inflation. The PTI should set their house to focus on real issues of economy and coronavirus before it gets too late.

Mian Rafiu Tunio

Miro Khan