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CAA issues guidelines as flight operations resume

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has imposed a ban on VIP protocol at all the airports due to the coronavirus pandemic, it emerged on Wednesday.

Under the new rules, only the passenger(s) will be allowed to proceed to the main lounge of the airport. Anyone accomodating the passenger will be restricted to the parking area to ensure ample space is left at the main halls to observe social distancing. The CAA has tasked airport managers to ensure social distancing.

“Gloves, masks and protective suits will be mandatory,” stated a guideline issued by the CAA, adding that planes will be disinfected shortly before the beginning of the boarding process.

In case a passenger shows symptoms of coronavirus, a complete medical check-up will be done at the spot and the affected passenger will be immediately quarantined.

Airlines have been tasked to ensure that the passenger’s health form is properly filled before boarding. The examination of the passengers is the responsibility of the health ministry, the CAA said.

The authority has also made the disinfecting of the luggage mandatory.

A complete ban on eating in the plane has also been imposed. Passengers will be provided with a sanitiser after every 30 minutes.

The guidelines will remain in effect until Aug 31.

According to the CAA, the guidelines will also be applicable to domestic chartered flights and passengers and staff of private planes.

The instructions have been issued at a time when international and domestic flight operations have been resumed throughout the country.