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Stuck in Pakistan 

Pakistan.. A country full of troubles! People will be definitely granted heaven just by surviving in this country. The way it tests our patience no one else can. I belong to UAE and unfortunately had to visit Pakistan for some personal business and then came the corona virus! And i got stuck somewhere i really don’t wanna be life here is miserable no one cares about health nor hygiene no one’s hygienic here even the highly educated one’s in a global pandemic!! I really wanted to go back to United Arab Emirates but the government banned all the flights to pakistan and the residents like me are stuck here a place where i have no friends and too afraid to make new one’s i won’t make new friends here due the fear of getting addicted to drugs by all these spoilt kids even the rich one’s and paksitan is a place where tourists don’t feel safe nor do nri’s feel safe every day i pray that my mobile doesn’t gets snatched or something bad occurs which i wouldn’t even like to imagine i hope the government understands our pain and fix all the issues I’ve mentioned hopefully one day we will rise pakistan zindabad.

Anas Tariq


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  1. Suhail Ahmed said:

    if you hate pakistan why did u ran out of this country rather then serving and for you kind information, government has taken a lot countrol on crimes, not everyone is addicted to drugs, fear of being robbed is not from pakistan you have been bearing this fear from the beginning, so please stop publishing against pakistan and feel free to roam inshallah you will be cleared of all doubts