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Peace in Palestine

I feel really distressed when I see the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, one of the biggest conflict in human history. On top of that the president of the United States “Donald Trump” promised earlier that Israelis will have their control over the West Bank, along with the statements by president of Israel “Benjamin Netanyahu” about the annexation of the West Bank has created a sense of war in that region.

Now I totally understand that a majority of Muslims have this perception that we should go for war and we should not sit quitely, but you know what, this perception is spread by people who are living in different countries sitting in their homes and just watching it on TV or maybe reading some articles regarding that. On top of that, the majority of those are illiterate and don’t even know what this conflict is about in real.

Now you tell me how will they know the circumstances of war, as we have seen from years now, how Muslims have been killed in Palestine, how children are suffering due to this conflict. Ask them how they are unsettled due to this ongoing terror.

Now let’s talk about how we can bring peace in that region. First of all I would like to quote an example from a book ” clash of civilization” in which the author has written that the upcoming wars would be religious wars which means the wars will be fought to dominate the ones religion. And we can see the Israel and Palestine conflict is a typical religious war between the Muslims and the Jewish. The peace can be build between both Nations if the state actors behave selflessly that will create a sense of peace between people living in there as it is stated in Galtung’s peace and conflict theory, how the behavior, attitude and contradictions are related with each other that can cause either conflicts or peace initiatives” depends upon how it has been portrayed either in a conflicting way or a peace building way. So leave the religious thoughts aside and work for humanity because we might can not end this conflict completely but we might can end the violence.

In the end would say that this is not the war which kills people, but the egoistic behavior of state actors kills people. So leave your dominance aside and think about the people who are suffering on both sides.

Syed Haider Sultan