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Pakistan and terrorism 

Whenever anything happens in the world according to attacks, Pakistan is pointed out. Firstly Pakistan is an independent country, people are social, but there is a question remaining, is Pakistan safe? yes Pakistan is safe.

Pakistan is also named as the country of terrorist only because of being a true muslim country. The stock exchange attack is not only place attacked but seeing in the world so many countries were attacked but the attackers were non muslims and not all terrorist are muslims, each and every country contains terrorism.

The attack of exchange office was very unpredictable and sudden but hats off to the brave guards. In the same way so many countries were attacked and also muslims were killed. The perfect definition of terrorism is performing violence in illegal way. seemingly, it is consist of various types for ex. attacks against government,   government attacks on a government, attacks against the country, attacks country to country and group of terrorist again the world’s law and regulations.

Nevertheless, Pakistan is also rooted with this same worry, there should be a law where all countries could stand out against the killer of nations.

Suhail Saeed Tunio


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    Your comment…great The world knows that Pakistan Is a Safe [email protected] remember Pakistan being the only Islamic country on surface of the world who has Atomic bomb clearly and that’s the reason the world esp the western and the crocodile nature India Don’t want its very existance as they are not able to see the again muslim ruler era as was in the [email protected] Afraid from [email protected] knows better Pakistan has Inhibatants which are brave and only fear from Allah not from other power and esp [email protected]