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Insolvable power issues

It is pity that the entire government appears helpless to pinpoint the people resposible for the present electricity turmoil in Karachi which is being subjected to severe load shedding in this extreme hot & humid weather for the last several days while no immediate remedy is in sight .

On Monday , 29th June , a very high level meeting comprising all important ministers, secretaries , KE management and advisors deliberated on the causes and issues of otherwise avoidable load shedding going on in Karachi , but failed to fix responsibility for the catestrophe .

The outcome of the meering was to constitute another inquiry committee to ascertain the causes of the problem without announcing any measure to end the load shedding to which the Karachites are subjected to .

Had there been capable and competent participants in the meeting , the responsibility of this catestrophe would have been fixed and many heads should have rolled .

As the things are going , the rest of the country should be prepared for another bout of load shedding and power tariff hikes . There is a suppressed power demand at the moment due to slowing down of industrial and commercial activities . Once the things become normal , load shedding is imminent .

Is accountability restricted to politicians .

Are people responsible to manage and deliver good and efficient services to the masses in different departments out of the accountability ambit ?

One wonders how long the fellow citizens will have to suffer on so many fronts ?

One wonders how long the fellow citizens will have to suffer on so many fronts ?

Engr Riaz Bhutta