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Fairness creams

It is really senseless that people almost from entire world are using fairness creams with a concept that white is beautiful. Our country Pakistan is filled with the customers of all these whitening and beauty creams. Even though, our Prophet (PBUH) has cleared that skin color must not the tool to judge any soul. Yet, we can see colourism in every corner. God has created everyone with a unique beauty. True beauty lies inside. Having a fair skin doesn’t make anyone beautiful. It is disheartening to see girls advising other girls to use bleaching creams to look beautiful or for good proposals. If any marriage proposal is based on beauty it won’t last forever. Colourism is a violence towards humanity. The privilege for having a white skin needs to end along with the false concept of beauty for the real beauty lies in soul which doesn’t need any fairness cream.

Afroz MJ