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Avoid the war

  • But firmly support the Kashmir cause

Despite facing humiliation in Ladakh, there is no end to Indian PM Narendra Modi’s hubris when it comes to dealing with smaller neigbouring countries. Mr Modi has not forgiven Nepalese Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli for claiming ownership over a part of his country that India had included in its own map. Indian agencies have consequently been assigned the task of getting Mr Oli removed by hook or by crook.

India has evolved a strategy to put pressure on Pakistan and try to destabilize it. It supports terrorist organisations like the BLA to conduct attacks on Pakistan’s security personnel and the Chinese interests in the country. The terrorist group attacked China’s consulate in Karachi in November 2018, a luxury hotel in Gwadar last year and the building of the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi where the Chinese are the anchor investors on Monday. India meanwhile continues to launch attacks from across the Line of Control into AJK, injuring and killing civilians. On Monday four people were injured in heavy shelling in the Neelum valley. India has rebuffed Pakistan’s offer to open the Kartarpur corridor for Indian Sikhs on the occasion of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh’s death anniversary on June 29. Earlier India had initiated a diplomatic spat with Pakistan leading both sides to recall bulk of their staff from their respective High Commissions bringing diplomatic ties to the minimum.

The BJP leadership had made provocative statements laying claims to Chinese territory, hoping thus to gain popularity in India after failing to control the coronavirus pandemic. Indian troops then tried to occupy Chinese territory. Mr Modi was however left red faced after he was handed over 20 body bags of Indian soldiers. There are signs that show he is looking for an excuse to initiate a fight with Pakistan. The authorities in Indian controlled Kashmir have issued orders to stock up LPG cylinders for at least two months and have requisitioned school buildings for accommodation of security forces. While Pakistani PM Imran Khan must strongly condemn the ongoing Indian atrocities in the Valley, and support the Kashmiris’ right of self- determination, he needs to avoid providing unnecessary provocation to India just to gain domestic accolades. Mr Khan has to be extra careful as there is little to show that he understands the complexities of foreign relations.


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  2. sheep head said:

    Sheep head IK should allow paki military to do their job by allowing isi to send snakes creeping below the fences incessantly, their master favorite game which ik fool is stopping them?