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Cory Booker contacts Pakistan’s sugar mafia to fund 2028 presidential run

LONDON – US Senator Cory Booker is already planning for the 2028 presidential bid, and has approached Pakistan’s sugar mafia to fund it, The Dependent has reliably learnt

Sources confirm that a Pakistani leader currently in London has decided to back US Senator Cory Booker’s presidential bid. The unnamed leader is said to be named in the latest sugar scam engulfing Pakistan.

Booker claims that the Pakistani leader currently is ‘bored’ and has ‘little to do’ these days, especially on the political front.

“Therefore, he is looking to start working on his next political project. He says it takes 7-8 years for the investment to reach fruition,” Booker said, in an exclusive interview with The Dependent.

“He told me that I am the future of the Democratic Party and that he is willing to sell one of his sugar mills to finance my campaign,” he revealed.

However, separate investigations by The Dependent reveal that the earnings from the latest sugar scam alone will suffice in funding the entire Booker campaign in 2028, even if adjusted for projected inflation.

Political analysts, however, are surprised that the Pakistani leader feels confident that Senator Booker can go all the way in 2028 after his lacklustre performance in the 2020 primary.

“I hope the investor has prior experience with betting on untested potential and reaping the rewards,” political commentator and author Thomas Frank said while talking to The Dependent.

As the mayor of Newark in 2006-13, Senator Booker was a favourite son of corporate interests with Mark Zuckerberg and the Dalton family, the owners of Walmart, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in him with mixed results.

Senator Booker already has a good rapport among New Jersey’s Pakistani diaspora and a new benefactor from the community would help his chances in his native state.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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