50.1% Pakistanis dub covid-19 hoax, 49.9 believe it’s yahoodi saazish: Coronavirus Attitude Tracker | Pakistan Today

50.1% Pakistanis dub covid-19 hoax, 49.9 believe it’s yahoodi saazish: Coronavirus Attitude Tracker

ISLAMABAD: According to Coronavirus Attitude Tracker Survey, by Gallup Pakistan, 50.1 percent Pakistanis believe that covid-19 doesn’t exist.

The survey further reveals that the remaining 49.9 percent Pakistanis are certain that it is a yahoodi saazish (Jewish conspiracy) designed to target the exemplary strength and unity of the Muslim ummah.

The Gallup survey covered public perception, attitude and behaviour towards coronavirus across the country.

The survey further unveiled that of the 50.1 percent that dubbed covid-19 a hoax, 50.01 percent believe it to be spread by the Jews, while 49.99 maintain that Zionists are behind this large scale, globally engulfing fraud.

However, the Coronavirus Attitude Tracker Survey further underlines that 50.001 percent of those who believe covid-19 to have been spread by Jews, Israelis, Zionists – or any variation thereof – also believed that Qadianis have been collaborating with them. The other 49.999 percent maintain Ahmadis as the collaborators.

The even split among a large population, in such multi-layered dimensions, has flummoxed Pakistan experts around the world.

Sanford University’s Behavorial Psychology Department has announced that they are sending field researchers and anthropologists to Pakistan to further investigate these findings.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


  1. Blue Word City said:

    Almost all of the various press sources – good and bad — source back to the data collated by the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre, which in turn pulls from WHO and country-level sources. So do bear in mind that there’s a fair amount of commonality in gathering of the underlying numbers.

    For my money though, the best visualisations — with daily updates — are currently given by the Financial Times – Coronavirus Tracked pages. John Burn-Murdoch seems to be the visualisation lead, and has done a fabulous job. The FT, normally heavily paywalled, has opened all their COVID-19-related content for free: a move in common with many other news organisations.

    The FT’s visualisations have many good points, including a lot of comparisons to readily understandable benchmarks and call-outs on specific points. However, their single simplest feature is also the most important in gaining an insight of what the statistics mean: they consistently use logarithmic scales.

  2. Aijaz Haider said:

    All my family and friends believe that coronavirus is a pandemic and from God and has nothing to do with any human conspiracy and we are following the guidelines of WHO