150 crew members aboard PNSC ships stranded across world: report | Pakistan Today

150 crew members aboard PNSC ships stranded across world: report

ISLAMABAD: At many as 150 crew members aboard the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) cargo ships have been stranded on ships in different parts of the world amid the pandemic.

According to reports, the crew is not being allowed to land at the ports in the respective countries.

The families of the naval personnel have appealed to the Ministry of Coastal Affairs to ensure the repatriation of the stranded navy personnel as soon as possible. Officials said they are in contact with the Pakistan Navy.

The repatriation of the PNSC personnel has been delayed due to the affected flight schedules amid coronavirus pandemic.

Many countries have called their staff back as the number of Covid-19 cases continue to increase worldwide. However, staff members of the Pakistan national flag carrier have not been notified.

Contracts of many crew members have expired and payments have not been made for months.

The stranded crew was stationed on PNSC bulk cargo MV Malakand, Hyderabad, Sibi, Multan and Chitral bound for various routes for maritime trade.

MV Malakand is presently on its way to Brazil from Indonesia, whereas MV Multan has been stationed in Colombo since May 18. Similarly, the crew on MV Hyderabad has been deployed on the ship since 14 months, whereas MV Chitral’s crew has been on the ship for about 11 months.