Rawalpindi Ring Road to materialise after years of delay

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) on Saturday organised a seminar in Gymkhana Club to share the proposed ‘Rawalpindi Ring Road Project’ with the business community, traders and other stakeholders of the twin cities.

Addressing the participants, RDA Chairman Tariq Mehmood Murtaza highlighted the importance of ring road and gave the credit of the project to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), as the incumbent government initiated the project after a long wait.

He said after taking charge as the RDA chairman in October last year, he had put all his efforts to materialise this project, which is of vital importance for the city’s growth.

“In line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Rawalpindi Ring Road will set a new horizon for the city’s development,” he remarked.

The RDA chairman said the establishment of special economic zones along the ring road would steer development and growth on modern town-planning practices, which would help change the region’s skyline.

“I firmly believe that the road will not only decongest the city but will also help control the unchecked urban sprawl, which has been afflicting the city for many decades,” he said, requesting stakeholders to adhere to the ‘land use plan’ prepared for development along the road.


  1. From previous 10 year,We are hearing about Ring road.But still the work is not start,The present government only announced the project,have no prictial work.

  2. Hope this will start shortly and will complete in this regime. Although the kind of Red Tapism we have in place it appears very difficult to start on time and especially its completion in time.

  3. Absolutely a show piece.
    He said it was in line with the vision of PM Imran Khan. A sheer lie. Imran Khan has always been against construction of roads as, according to him, development does not come by construction of roads and bridges.
    As far as almost 30 years old ring road project is concerned, it is not going to be materialized under these circumstances for three main reasons. One, Pakistan is currently lacking visionary leadership and bureaucracy. Two, there is no money in the treasury due to incompetent government. Three, no one is going to invest in these conditions.
    It is not more than a lolly pop.

  4. Great decision. Hopefully we will see this dream come true in future.
    Rawalpindi needs more roads and their extension in future.

  5. PTI lacks the vision and capability to undertake any major development project. They have taken biggest unpresident loans and yet to tell where they spent them. They are just party of media, no on gorund work in any sector.

  6. Excellent initiative. This single project will fetch so many job opportunities, IA, not only from Road but overall development of residential and commercial activities..

  7. RDA was working on it during PMLN government. As per my information work was already started on the roads joining Rawat to Lahore-Islamabad motorway and Rawat to Islamabad-Peshawar motorway via Islamabad expressway.

  8. The project can provide benefit more than its cost to the stack holders as well as goodwill to the PTI Government very soon

  9. Since long have been listening about the project but every time delayed and delayed. Very small cities have bypass road but twin cities have no bypass. Wastage of time , fuel and lives is not being considered by the government.

  10. Its a still a dream project .
    No one interested to construct ring road .
    A few land mafia also involve .
    But its very important for rwp and isb .

  11. Millions of dollars foreign being expended on extra fuel by transporters due to traffic jams and extra distance from Peshawar to Lahore can be saved by the construction of Ring Road in Rawalpindi.


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