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KP govt to fire over 3,000 contractual employees

PESHAWAR: A total of 3,541 employees, working on various development projects in the tribal districts for two decades on a contract basis, are likely to lose their jobs due to the unavailability of funds caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
The employees are serving in different departments, such as livestock, agriculture, health, planning and development, minerals and the FATA Development Authority since 2001. According to sources, instead of thousands of new recruitment in various departments, the provincial government is likely to lay off the existing staff.
The government has compiled lists of employees working in projects in various departments of the tribal districts. According to the list, a total of 1,855 employees are from the health department, 758 people are working on 31 projects pertaining to agriculture and livestock, 354 are employed in 20 projects regarding industry department, 315 official are part of 16 projects of planning and development department, two people are working on a maiden project of the finance department whereas one person is part of the information department.
All of them have been served one month’s notice.
Moreover, other employees who will be laid off belong to the irrigation department, local government department, mineral department, home department, FATA Development Authority, Zakat department, energy department and the sports department are being terminated.
Similarly, the closure of veterinary facilities could result in a loss of 280 employees.
An employee working on the health department project told Pakistan Today that the current government had promised to create five million jobs before the elections.
On the one hand, the government is hiring people, on the other, it has started to fire experienced staff on a month’s notice. “If the provincial government needs to recruit more people, the experienced people working in these projects should have been recruited on a priority basis,” he said.
According to sources, all these projects were run on federally administered funds before the integration of the tribal districts in the province. However, now after the merger, the KP government has allocated funds for the said projects.