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Resolution of unity

Before Neslon Mandela and Dr Martin Luther King Jr, whites stated, “A black male standing on a street corner could be arrested for vagrancy, or for attempted rape if accused of looking at a white woman the wrong way and once imprisoned.” One can commonly say that blacks were considered and treated as slaves.

After the sacrificing and toiling of blacks’ leaders like these, had changed the phenomena and brought the world into it’s real shape. Their concepts has been adopted and proven by ongoing protests for a black male named George Floyd who was assassinated by a policeman. Every individual is saying,” Justice for George Floyd and Black lives matter.” At no point in the United States’ history the lights of White House went closed but this resolution of unity among people made it happened.

The unity of people had made it clear that public has the power to do anything if it stand together for valid reasons. Here the question rises that when can we the Pakistani be united against harassment, violence, Injustice etc?

Meer Khan


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