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Closed schools

It is an accepted and established fact that the state schooling sector in Sindh has failed miserably. However, that same failed state regulator is now responsible for regulating private schools which have had an impeccable track-record spanning nearly 50 years, and is the sole reason a literacy rate in Pakistan has existed. When the state operates in such an illogical fashion, do we really have any faith in the merits of their decision making?

The Directorate of Private Schools is now on the verge of forcing private school closures which will leave hundreds of thousands of children without schools in the province. The directorates only purpose seems to be withholding registrations and renewals in exchange for guaranteed admissions for their cronies, and making decisions about fees without any understanding of the operating costs of a school.

If they really possess the know how of operating successful schools, why don’t they use this to fix the government schools that need fixing and make education free and accessible to everyone in the province?

Maaz Abbasi


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