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Child labour

Now a days, Pakistan is having a lot of social and economic issues. One of these which is growing and putting a negative impact on our society is child labor. As a community and society, we must stop this act and put a barrier on this system of abusing children and their rights.

Every child has a right to education according to law of Pakistan but instead of getting basic education they don’t even have basic necessities which forces them to work in places like workshops, factories, road side hotels, peddling in streets, shops, tyre shops, begging for smuggling mafia, in mines, collecting garbage, housekeeping etc.

Most of the children are forced to work. It is against principles and law of justice. In most cases parents or guardians lead their children to work. Our society is also taking advantage of their innocence and circumstances. Children work to support and afford expenses or basic necessities for their families without taking care of themselves. This is the responsibility of the government to ensure the basic rights of their needs and education. Also society should contribute and initiate certain types of campaigns for the sake of awareness to discourage child labor and smuggling.

Considering the facts, it is important to address this problem as soon as possible otherwise there will be no place for us in well-being or well established societies in future. I hope that government will address this issue and look into the message to support the development of society on national and social level.

Hamza Siddiqui