Govt mulling opening Corona wards to public to boost tourism sector  | Pakistan Today

Govt mulling opening Corona wards to public to boost tourism sector 

(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

The federal government is mulling opening Corona wards to the public in a bid to boost the local tourism sector, Prime Minister Imran Khan said during a press briefing. 

Speaking to the nation after an important meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC), the Prime Minister said it was of the utmost importance not just to open sectors like tourism, but to further develop them. 

“Look Corona is here, we have to live with it, so why not make use of it” he asked. “People are fascinated by it these days, so we are considering launching a rickshaw tour of the Corona wards in public hospitals to people that want to see this up close.” 

“It is up to the people to make sure that they follow our SOPs when they go on these tours, but we cannot stop living just because this virus is here. I am worried about our daily wage earners,” he went on to say. 

The government has already set up a website for pre-booking of the tours to gauge interest in how many people would want to avail such a tour. “We have gotten a very positive response, and are hoping to launch this sometime around mid-June to July” he went on to add. “That is the time when Corona is expected to be at its peak in Pakistan, and is when we expect the most people to take up this opportunity.” 


The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


  1. sheep head said:

    All citizens are responsible and actually they are PMs of their own self government.
    Being a responsible citizen they should take all precautions an SOPS just not to contract CORONA even they should make their arrangements for burials.
    Government of IK Pakistan is not responsible for any of their burials else strict action will be taken against their dead bodies.
    NPCC devising various plans to how to take action on irresponsible covid cowards dead bodies:
    1. Either they will be recognized for availing 72 virgins
    2. They will be declared as kafirs dead bodies
    3. Lastly follow ISI handbook of Kargil strategy to feed to wild animals.
    So, be responsibly die yourself.

  2. Shahid said:

    You missed another joke related to that. Those corona wards will give free access to coronavirus to foreign tourists. So after testing positive for Corona, the tourists will spend at least 14 days to some months in Pakistan under quarantine staying in our hotels boosting local as well as overall economy due to dollar spending. This will be an economic masterplan which will help us earn valuable FX.

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