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Pakistan condemns extra-judicial killing of 13 Kashmiris by Indian forces

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Tuesday strongly condemned the extra-judicial killing of 13 Kashmiris in a single day by the Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), which indicated intense brutalisation and continuity of crimes against innocent Kashmiris.

“Pakistan is deeply concerned over unabated extra-judicial killings of Kashmiri youngsters in fake encounters and so-called ‘anti-infiltration’ operations. While the international community is pre-occupied with fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, India is busy intensifying its brutalisation of the Kashmiri people,” the Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson said in a press release.

She said that the fact that 13 Kashmiris were extra-judicially killed in a single day spoke volumes about the Indian government’s continuing crimes against humanity. To hide these crimes, the Indian authorities use the oft-repeated, unsubstantiated allegations of “training” and “infiltration” of Kashmiri resistance fighters, she added.

“India must realise that its malicious propaganda carries no credibility with the international community. The RSS-BJP combine stands exposed before the world for its illegal and inhuman actions and extremist ‘Hindutva’ agenda,” the FO spokesperson further said.

Pakistan once again called upon the international community to take immediate steps to stop India from committing serious crimes against the Kashmiri people and hold it accountable under international law and relevant human rights Conventions.

“India must realise that neither could its brutalisation break the will of the Kashmiri people, nor could its anti-Pakistan propaganda divert attention from India’s state-terrorism and egregious violations of human rights in IOK,” she said.

“The martyrdom of each Kashmiri would further fortify the Kashmiris’ resolve for freedom from Indian occupation,” she added.

“Kashmiris will never give up their inalienable right to self-determination as enshrined in the UNSC [United Nations Security Council] resolutions and the leadership and people of Pakistan will never flinch in their commitment of full  support for the Kashmiris towards that end,” she stressed.

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    Keep condemning. That is all a beggar country like Pakistan can do. India will stand firm when it comes to eliminating terrorists and jihadis.

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