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Augmented reality

Augmented Reality is a trending technology in which computer-generated capabilities in terms of sound, display text and other effects maximize the user experience of the real world.It is different and more advance than virtual reality.It does not create any new virtual environment to replace the real one. Rather, it appears in direct view of the existing environment and also adds sounds, videos and graphics to make it more interactive.In AR graphics, sounds and touch effects are more enhanced.It only requires AR-compatible smart device to enjoy the experience. We superimpose virtual content like 3D objects or images over our existing world Which we view through a head-mounted display, pc or mobile devices. For example, we renovate our house by adding virtual furniture to it by using this technology.So we can see how good it looks before buying or changing the colour combinations of paint in a  room before painting. Other technologies might present Augmented reality different liwearing a pair of glasses to see our real world simultaneously together with computer-generated content. But it has some disadvantages as well.Like any other technology, AR is vulnerable to security threats and unauthorized access by hacker attacks. These attacks can lead to a overlay wrong information, denial of service or leading to severe, potentially catastrophic consequences. We should also consider the potential dangers of AR in the early stages to guarantee its successful implementation.

Usama Sarfraz