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Two different pandemics

Still reeling under the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, another severe crisis is staring in Pakistan, one with the potential to impact their food security.Locust infestation is a major threat than coronavirus. The virus wouldn’t attack if we stay home and follow safety guidelines, but hunger will kill us in any way. Pakistan is already facing issues like poverty and inflammation and after locust attack, the situation goes to be worrisome.For Pakistan, these issues are compounded by an army of locusts that has been ravaging the food supply since June 2019.24% of the Pakistani Population lives below the national poverty level which means a whopping 38% of individuals are dependent on wheat and flour. Farmers are worried that their children will starve and are pleading with the govt to take timely action, requesting coverage against infestation.Many people from the country have raised concerns over the alarming situation and other people have taken to social media to express their fears. All stakeholders should realise that time is of the essence in the fight against the crop-eating pests. The country has already lost a lot of precious time that should have been spent on controlling the formation of local swarms — and not on political point-scoring.

Usama Sarfraz