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Investigation about plane crash in Karachi

The city of Karachi has been mourning for the past few days in the wake of the harrowing Airbus crash that occurred a day before Eid. Out of the 99 passengers on board, only 2 have survived, miraculously. Families of the victims remain devastated, while having to visit hospitals and morgues in order to identify the bodies of their loved ones. Some of the victims still remain unidentified.

The event has been so distressing that families of 19 victims have forcibly taken bodies from Edhi mortuaries without DNA clearance, claiming that they self-identified the bodies through their personal belongings. However, authorities claim that since “the bodies were badly burnt”, it is likely that some victims are wrongly identified.

Preliminary investigation conducted by the PIA and relevant associations provide contrasting accounts with the former claiming the crash occurred due to the inexperience of the pilot, evident from the fact that he had violated landing SOPs, while the latter asserted that the crash occurred because of some technical fault in the plane.

An 11-member inspection team also arrived from France on Tuesday and flew back after a 16-hour investigation. According to the media, the team visited the crash site as well as the traffic control tower in order to gather comprehensive information that may provide some insight into what actually happened.

As the country eagerly anticipates the conclusion of these reports, it is important that citizens support, help and empathise with the families affected by this tragedy by creating an atmosphere of comfort and sympathy in the city.