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Facing Locust Challenges

The current locust plague became as big as coronavirus. After COVID-19 the next challenge which needs to be recovered is controlling locust attacks in distant regions of Pakistan . However , The worst plague of lucusts in 70 years has already affected East Africa. . With the arrival of COVID-19 there emerged an impact on agricultural development with lack of exports which created a crisis in the country . Next the locust flood has appeared and had faced by many countries . A massive locust attack is expected too. Locusts start to fly in the morning hours after roosting the trees . The trillions locusts are swarming across parts of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Gigantic new locust hit East Africa threatening millions of leading agricultural products . The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO) estimated that up to 25 millions East Africans will suffer from food shortages later this year . Regardless in these unprecedented crisis with the arrival of pandemic the continent also experienced high levels of food insecurity . The locust flood has existed and faced by many countries and particularly the Africa . These hazardous locusts have already revaged cotton and valuable foods. As the works attempts to contain the coronavirus, India , Pakistan and a number of countries in East Africa are also battling the invasion of  dessert locust . Climate change is partly blamed for the outbreak . The added threat of COVID-19 imperils a region that already was home to about 20 percent of the world’s population of food-insecure people. The situation is much more serious in Pakistan . If they are not controlled they would demage food supplies and cause famine . A second wave of locust attack had also affected countries . According to the UN , the current infestations can be traced back to the cyclone season 2018-19 that heavy rains . Swarms have since spread in South Africa and East Africa . The pandemic is also posing fresh challenges for some odd workers who are battling the insects . Experts warned that the conditions would get more worsen . The desert locusts is feeding over the covers of green regions. We have not faced such a crisis for a long time and compared to today’s one . We should find out the solution inorder to import the pesticides needed for aerial spraying that is called only the effective control.

Name: Barkatullah