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Unjust loadshedding

At the moment we are faced with the problem of overcapacity in the power production , a rare phenomena , when the available generating capacity exceeds the power demand . A sizeable generation capacity thus remains unutilized resulting in financial loss to the economy in many ways .

It is pity that even having surplus power , the power authourities are resorting to load sheding in some areas on the plea of high loss feeders ( having thefts ) four times a day for a duration of half an hour each time . This is only one example of an 11 kV feeder passing through my residentional colony where people are law abiding and paying their uitility bills honestly but have to brace the load shedding in this scorching heat , because somebody far off is a power thief .

Does a couple of hours of load shedding deter the power thieves for not stealing during remaining hours of the day when the power is not shed ?

The department logic of load shedding is highly unscientific and crude by any standard and must be done away with .

Instead of catching the power thieves ,  the power division finds it easy to switch off the entire 11 kV feeders across the country punishing the honest consumers as well alongwith the power thieves .

In addition , the mindless and illogical load shedding being carried out also results in loss of revenue to the government especially when power is plentiful . In nutshell , the concerned authorities need to apply their minds to find out a better working methedology to tackle the problem of power theft .

Engr Riaz Bhutta