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Turkish drama

The Turkish drama, Ertugrul Ghazi was aired on Pakistan Television(PTV) from ramzan. It was dubbed in urdu on the special request of our PM Imran Khan. The drama is based on the muslim warrior, Ertugrul Ghazi, the founder of Ottoman empire. Within weeks, it got a great amount of fans. But, there are also many people, who are against this drama, including celebrities. One of the main point is that, a Turkish drama must not be aired on Pakistan’s official channel. Well, Somehow one can criticize on this point but Turkey and Pakistan are brotherly countries. So, this must not be a big issue. Besides, in the era where we were inspired by fictional characters like iron man, our youth really needed a true muslim inspiration like ertugrul. Undoubtedly, muslim history is filled with heroes but unfortunately we are not aware of them. But this drama has confronted us with our history. Our history which is exemplary.

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  1. Junaid Ahmad khan Hamid Karzaii said:

    Your comment…indeed thIS iS a GREat THOUgHts that SOMe celebrities arE aGAinst but ThIS is noT a mAtter ANd THiS drama should not be aired on official channels but this is not a matter as TURKEY is OUR bREThern [email protected]

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