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‘Sick’ Nawaz enjoys a day out in London

–Maryam lashes out at critics over Nawaz’s photo, says bid to defame former PM ‘did not work as usual’

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who flew to London last year for medical treatment, was spotted enjoying tea with family members near London’s Hyde Park in the cosmopolitan.

According to a photograph making rounds on social media, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supreme leader is seen taking tea with his female family members.

This is reportedly the first time that the PML-N supremo has left his apartment to go out in public after the Covid-19 outbreak hit London. Nawaz reportedly walked on foot from Avenfield Flats, where he resides, to Edgware Road, where he took tea.

Commenting on the London picture, Nawaz’s daughter Maryam Nawaz observed that the purpose of uploading the snapshot was defamation and not promotion.

In a tweet, Maryam noted that the purpose of click was not promotion but defamation which as usual did not work.

Expressing her resentment, she said it was not a big deal to take the picture of Nawaz along with his female family members “secretively” for those who could forcefully get into the intensive care unit and attempt to take the pictures of her faint mother. In June 2018, a man entered late Begum Kulsoom Nawaz’s hospital room allegedly without permission at London’s Harley Street Clinic where she was being treated. The act sparked alarm among members of the Sharif family.

Commenting further on Nawaz’s latest picture, Maryam questioned if the click was such a good act, why was it done in a cowardly manner.

The PML-N vice-president maintained that the way the glimpse of Nawaz had startled his opponents, it had become a source of happiness and encouragement for his supporters.

Maryam declared that Nawaz’s adversaries only harmed themselves by such acts and unknowingly benefitted her father.

Earlier, commenting on the latest image of the PML-N supremo, Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said how the people [in Pakistan] could trust the accountability system. In a tweet posted on Saturday, he said these images were making a mockery of the country’s justice system, law, administration, and judicial system.

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Dr Shehbaz Gill, said, “These people consider the nation as fool. He left for London with a false statement. The three-time prime minister lacks moral strength, they flee from the country on the basis of falsehood. Those people are pitiable who still hear their false utterances and consider them their leaders.”

It is to be mentioned here that Nawaz’s doctors had advised the family to keep him in isolation in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.


  1. Bashir sayed said:

    and Mr.U-turn is an angel from heaven, And all his surroundings r angels, they r all hooligans and thieves from all other parties, we can see that now, we heard the same when Dictator General Musharraf came to power, when he left Mushharraf and all those Generals were most corrupted in h/oPakistan, Now modern day Dilip Kumar(musharraf) is living lavishly in Dubai, And our IK is a protge of Musharraf, B-team, trying to maintain the legacy of Musharraf,
    Question is why haven,t U recovered a single Penny from PML-N, is it just to lie and slander?
    InshaAllah your fate will be just like Dr.Mahatir of Malaysia who was unfortunately humiliated by his own party, whose motto is just vengeeance and revenge, their ultimate fate is same, we have seen these in history.
    May Allah save Pakistan from these Munafiquns

  2. LOVE PAKISTAN said:

    shariff family are certified liars n chors ,
    they have expose their ugly n corroupt side
    cannot fool people anymore …

  3. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    What crime has he committed in going out and taking a pause and drink something? He is a cardiac patient and needs exercise. Give him space.!

  4. Junaid Ahmad khan Hamid Karzaii said:

    Your comment…SHArif family should be held accountable for the theft they have done with the poor masses [email protected] Anyone who want to back them also held [email protected] on such people who support the corrupt people and I Think such people posses no future strategy for themselves and coming generation and they have no consideration of the nation of [email protected] Allah save US from SUCH hypocrites and sleeves snake,,,,,,,

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