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KP govt cancels uplift schemes for upcoming year

– Federal government had approved Rs1,247 billion for development works during the next ten years

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government on Saturday ordered all administrative departments that new uplift schemes for the next financial year are not to be introduced whereas they are to formulate a development programme worth Rs24 billion for ongoing uplift schemes in tribal districts.

In this regard, reliable sources told Pakistan Today that the KP Planning and Development (P&D) Department has provided an estimate of development funds to each administrative departments. The highest fund in the annual development programme is Rs2.8888 billion for road construction while Rs2.62 billion has been allocated for setting up a development programme for the primary and secondary education department.

Similarly, the department has allocated Rs2.36 billion for health, Rs2.13b for transport, Rs1.87b for finance, Rs1.85b for clean water, Rs1.82b for higher education Rs1.24b for urban development, Rs2.214b, 1 billion for drinking, Rs886 million for municipalities, Rs85 million 33 for forests, Rs75 million for agriculture, Rs754 million for sports tourism and culture, Rs689 million for multi-sector development, Rs459.5 million for rehabilitation, 426.696 million for resettlement, Rs295.45 million for industry, Rs295.4 million for buildings and Rs262.582 million for ongoing development projects of the law department.

Further, the Auqaf Department has been directed to formulate a programme worth Rs131.291 million for Religious and Minority Affairs, Finance, Food, Minerals and Science and Information Technology.

Similarly, a development programme of Rs984.68 million for energy and electronics, social welfare and housing, Rs656.46 million for excise and taxation, Rs328.23 million for information, labour, welfare, population and special measures during the ongoing financial year.

The provincial P&D Department has also clarified that new schemes will be introduced only under the Accelerated Development Programme (ADP).

It should be noted that after the merger, the federal government had approved Rs1,247 billion for development works during the next ten years for tribal districts in which KP will provide 3 per cent of its National Finance Award (NFC).

Further, the federal government has also allocated a total budget of Rs83 billion for annual development works in the tribal districts this year, of which Rs72 billion will be paid by the federal government and Rs11 billion by the KP government.

In this allocated budget, only Rs32.55 billion has been released so far from which all departments have spent only Rs13 billion.

According to sources in the KP Finance Department, development budget worth billions is limited to announcements only.

Due to untimely release of funds for projects, the costs will increase in the next financial year and affect the ten year development targets which likely means that these projects will not be completed on time due to the non-availability of funds.

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