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‘Schools struggling to pay teachers’: Govt urged to open educational institutes

LAHORE: The All Pakistan Private Schools Association urged the government to reopen educational institutes in the country from June 1, as the schools were “struggling to pay teachers”`.

“We are unable to pay the teachers,” APPSA President Kashif Mirza said in a press conference in Lahore. “We must be allowed to open schools from June 1.”

Mirza said if they were not allowed to reopen schools, then they would stage protest demonstrations.

He described the concept of online education as a “flopped project”.

“We have formulated SOPs in accordance with international standards,” he said, urging the government to hold talks with them.

Educational institutes in Pakistan have been closed till mid-July due to a surge in Covid-19 cases. The government had also decided to promote students to the next grades as “the board examinations for the ninth grade to intermediate (12th grade)” could not be held due to the contagion.

The private schools body had opposed the decision at that time as well. Mirza had said that they would not accept the government’s decision to keep the educational institutes closed till July 15. Terming it “economic murder” of private institutes, Mirza had said that 90 per cent private school buildings are rented while teachers are to be paid their salaries too.

“Around 50% schools would be shut down permanently and one million people would lose their jobs if educational institutes remained closed until July 15,” Mirza had said. “It is impossible to recover educational losses due to the coronavirus lockdown.”

He had demanded the government formulate SOPs and announce the reopening of schools across Pakistan from June 1.


  1. Mazhar Abbas said:

    Private education system is facing a huge financial crisis, how they pay their staff because people aren’t paying their children’ s fee’s. So this is a good idea to open private schools.

  2. Wasil said:

    Your wrong every school is taking fee but a little less every parent is giving fee u people just want money and see the profit u don’t care about the lives of the children’s are u like out of your mind

  3. Abdul Ahad said:

    I agree because i am taking online classes and this is totally a flooped project

  4. Abdul Ahad said:

    As in Europe they had already opened the schools because they now that this will cause great hell to the education of students

  5. Wasil said:

    What if children gets infected and then now think what is important education or children’s life dont u have humanity are you out of ur mind

  6. Hamid Asmat said:

    To hell with these school owners. Don’t send your kids to school and stop paying fees altogether.

  7. Mudassar Inayat said:

    My kids’ school is charging full fee and logic given was we already gave you discount at time of admission. How come they are not able to pay teachers? Secondly online education is not flopped, you need to learn how to educate the kids online, yes it is not same but at least kids time is not wasted that way.

  8. Zaib said:

    Who will responsible if someone children infected by the COVID-19 ?? Private schools want money in any situations, I am requesting all parents please don’t pay any fee. Nowadays children are learning from their homes not from schools then why to pay school fee.

  9. Irum said:

    Why the hell they are demanding to open the schools in the midst of the peak of pandemic. All parents are paying the fees regularly. In case the parents are unable to pay the fee , the schools threaten to strike the students out of the schools.

  10. Hina said:

    We are paying full fee to schools. How come they cant pay their teachers? How can they even consider opening schools when we are in peak of pendemic. They are choosing money over our kids lives.

  11. Syed Waqar Hussain Naqvi said:

    This is misery at its worst. The private school are charging full fees and the parents are paying full fees, there is no requirement for opening of schools because the pendamic is at its peak. The private school owners are working as vampires and snakes just to put innocent children’s in the way of harm which is bound to be suffered by the kids and parents only, these school owners are the worst of the mankind. Shameless school owners having not a inch of humanity left in them.

  12. Fatima Falak said:

    Government should have to open school as soon as because our child are nothing without a school education. Pakistan should have to make some measure because its impossible to remove Coronavirus from Pakistan. It will take time so government should make measure in school for the sake of our young generation and youth. We are paying fees already even our parents are suffering from such problems. We have time till September.

  13. Fatima Falak said:

    All parents should have to raise a voice. Because its all about children education. Only 10% of families can isolate their children in “homes rest of 90% Pakistan population can not.

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