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Pakistan rejects incorrect media reports on OIC’s UN envoys virtual moot

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday rejected incorrect media reports of the virtual meeting of the ambassadors of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to the United Nations (UN) held on May 20, which the Foreign Office (FO) said first appeared in a section of Indian media.

During the meeting, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN highlighted the rising wave of Islamophobia and state-sponsored violence against Indian Muslims that had entered into a dangerous phase under the RSS-BJP dispensation.

Highlighting the scourge of Islamophobia in India, he updated the OIC group on recent episodes of Islamophobia and targeted violence against Indian Muslims and Kashmiris.

Sharing the growing concern over serious implications of Islamophobia in India, a large number of OIC ambassadors supported the need for a coordinated OIC position on Islamophobia at the UN.

Representing the collective voice of the Muslim Ummah, the OIC has repeatedly expressed serious concern on Islamophobia and targeted violence against Muslims in India, as manifested in various decisions and resolutions of Islamic Summits and Council of Foreign Ministers (CFMs).

The OIC and its human rights body — OIC-IPHRC — have issued strong statements on the Indian government’s recent anti-Muslim actions, including CAA, targeted killing of Muslims in Delhi, Babri Masjid verdict, and demonization of Muslims in the context of Covid-19.

Besides OIC, the UN human rights machinery, the international human rights organisations, and the international media have taken cognisance of the situation and expressed concerns in this regard.


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    Hey liar…liar….what is more fascist than a military backed islamic fundamentalist Pakistan which does not even allow equal rights to its minorities

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    Liar, Liar your Salwar on Fire. Indians will always beat Pakis in this game of cat and mouse. Because Indians have higher IQs than Pakis. Pakistanis must give up and accept defeat.

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