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Airbus team continues Karachi plane crash probe

KARACHI: The technical team of the aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, went to the site of the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) plane crash on Wednesday to investigate the incident.

The team, comprising technical experts, had arrived in Karachi a day earlier to conduct an investigation into the PK-8303 plane crash which killed 97 of 99 passengers onboard.

Earlier a report had stated that drone cameras would be used during the investigation and the 11-member investigative team would use forensics to probe the accident. Moreover, the team, along with a local investigative group, would focus on finding the cockpit recording, and a flight safety team of PIA would also accompany the Airbus team at the site of the crash, the report had added.

Reportedly, after a green light from the Airbus team, the remains of the plane were moved from the site, including the cabin, tail and other parts to the airport, however, the plane’s engine, landing gears would be shifted in a few days. The shifting of the gear had been earlier halted due to the technical team’s investigation, the report had added.

On Tuesday, the Airbus team was briefed about the crash by PIA and fire department officials. PIA’s Aircraft Accident and Investigation team was present with the Airbus technical team as well to ascertain the situation.

The technical experts had studied the remains of the plane and inspected the engines, landing gear, wings and flight control system of the aircraft.

The team had then inspected the Jinnah International Airport runway and later visited the control tower as well.

Airbus is conducting an independent investigation into the crash, which reportedly happened due to an engine failure.

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