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Kashmir is a graveyard

Doubtlessly, situation is getting worse after the revocation of 370 and 35A article of Indian constitution which snatch the self determination rights of the people of IOHK. Although, the assassination of Kashmiri fighter Burhan Wani by Indian forces in 2016 and now, murdering of a Hizbul Mujahideen fighter in Srinagar fuel the fire to on going brutalities of Indian blood-sucking force. Sadly for the Kashmiris people, this cycle of bloodshed and humiliation is nothing new. In fact, Kashmiris are sick and tired of Indian oppression and are increasingly fighting back in order to stop India’s brutality. However, the lockdown of the region since August 2019 has added to the miseries of the local people beside this, Doctors claim that communication blockade has hampered the fight against the coronavirus in IHK. While, many questions pop up in every ordinary being regarding the world combines forces to combat Covid-19 and the so called champions of the human rights and freedoms. Thus, international communities must put pressure on India to lift this inhuman blockade so that patients can get the care and treatment they need for Covid-19. Pakistan and India both countries should resolve this issue through bilateral relations and set aside their ideologically, identity and authenticity crises in this pandemic situation of Covid-19 .

Chakrani Khadim Hussian