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Do you know who my husband is

Yesterday one video got viral on social media in which one lady was misbehaving and abusing to police officers. He was abusing very badly and she threw police barriers also which was totally illegal. She even said I shall take out your uniform and abused on mother. Now I wanted to ask from our government and army officials that now will government any action against her?  It is very sad to share still it’s not viewed  on many media channels. If you are colonel wife then it doesn’t mean you are having authority to abuse and police official. If there could be any civilian person instead of that women then I think he or she would be in police station and that could be top trending news of all channels and newspapers but unfortunately that was wife of colonel. I request army chief to take notice of this incident and request all concerned authorities and media channels that policemen are also part of our society and they perform duty day night for our safety so please raise your voice for them also.

Anthony Sahotra