There is na-mehram hugging in Ertugrul season 4, episode 20: Zakir Naik | Pakistan Today

There is na-mehram hugging in Ertugrul season 4, episode 20: Zakir Naik

KUALA LUMPUR – Ertugrul, the Turkish series based on the fictionalised history of the Ottoman Empire, features haram scenes, it has been confirmed.

The show, currently being broadcast on PTV, following insistence of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who said Ertugrul “would allow people to trace back their Islamic roots and get in touch with the rich Muslim history,” is actually full of un-Islamic naughtiness.

This was revealed by the supreme authority on haraamness and naughtiness Zakir Naik, who confirmed that Ertugrul is haraam – even if less haraam than many other things that were more haraam.

This scribe asked the scholar, if it was allowed to watch Ertugrul, to which Naik replied: “Brother asked a good question. I have already passed a fatwa against it. Season 3, Episode 16 of this series has na-mehram touching and feeling. There is na-mehram hugging in season 4, episode 20. Hope that answers your question.”

The scribe further asked how the haraamness in Ertugrul compared with other industries.

“Brother asked a very good question. Since 99.9 percent of shows are haraam, I must say that the hugging and touching in Ertugrul is slightly less haraam. Here you have more gunah-e-kabira than gunah-e-saghira. There is full on gunah-e-saghira in Too Hot To Handle Season 1, Episode 8. Hope that answers your question,” he replied.

The scribe further asked which Netflix episodes had the haraamest bits.

“Brother asked another very good question. Give me your WhatsApp number I will share the clips with you,” Naik replied.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.