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COVID-19 and human psychye

As the brain is the headquarter of each human, and individuals join each other to be a team and deal with every discipline of the world. These actions are decided by the brain so the brain is the global headquarter. We need to take care of its health.

As we are facing this crucial time of the pandemic, in which everyone is afraid of others. Instead of teamwork, we prefer to go individually.

Hug, handshake and some other gestures are for greeting, but now we stay at distance just for the sake of each other health, but it seems that human is afraid of human.

We not only have to survive but also strive in this world. This behavior well has grave effects on our mental health and psychology, especially in children and teenage generations, which are the future of the globe.

It is a time to play a role, WHO as collectively, and the governments individually, as the pandemic seems about to downfall, make ready the psychologist and psychiatrist to cover this aspect of the pandemic. Responsibility is also upon the infotainment, entertainment industries, writers, media, prominent speakers, teachers, and social dignitaries to play a role to improve the mental health of society.

By using all these tools, we have to combat the psychological effects to make ready the next generation to meet the upcoming global challenge.

Fari Ahmed