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Corona virus rumors

Now a days Corona Virus is one of the major issues around the world. Most of the countries are fighting against this virus. There are many myths on social media such as how to fight against this virus? It is suggested “by eating Allium you will cure from Corona virus”, or it is prescribed that this virus didn’t attack in hot atmosphere”, or this virus attack only to child less than age of 5 year and a person age greater than 40, or You can boost your immune system and lower your risk of getting COVID by eating sweet potatoes and taking certain vitamins and supplements, or taking colloidal silver, or You can avoid the virus by drinking warm water every 15 minutes. These myths are creating big problem for illiterate peoples.

The issue is that people start treating themselves by following these wrong prescriptions and as a result they end up facing a lot of problems. We as a nation must not spread such type of myths, because this create problem for peoples who follow these prescriptions.

The government should take stern measures against those who spread such myths, as government have announced about tiger force which will supply goods to needy people that is good decision but they should also told to spread awareness between peoples.

M Hamza Ehsan 



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